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PROTECTThis part of our service is ideal for those businesses looking to set up HR for the first time, however businesses with a fully established HR team may also benefit from this if their processes and policies are in need of refreshing.

HR Audit – We will visit you to carry out an HR audit, which will enable us to establish what the HR priorities are for your business.

Employment Contract All employees should have a written contract of employment in place, we can review your existing contracts or put new ones into place.

Employee Handbook – We will discuss your requirements in relation to a handbook, recognising that all businesses have different focuses, and then provide you with a handbook which works for you.

Policies –Providing you with policies that will help you provide transparency and a consistent approach or reviewing your existing policies.

HR Legislation – Right to work checks, the cost of inadvertently recruiting someone that does not have the right to work in the UK can be costly, carrying out checks is simple and straightforward, we will check to make sure that you have the right checks in place.

HR Advice – Understanding that not all clients want or need full time HR, therefore we can provide you with strong HR advice on an ad-hoc basis.

PERFORMAt some point in time there is a likelihood that there will be a performance issue which needs HR advice, and many of our initial enquiries are because there is an employment issue.  Our services are flexible and we can offer you either phone or on-site support.

Disciplinary & Grievance – Managing the process for you or providing you with guidance, to ensure that the right procedure is followed and a sensible outcome is achieved.

Absence Management – Absence can be very costly for businesses, we can work with you to ensure you have a fair and consistent approach to dealing with absence.

Appraisal and Develop – Are your performance reviews working?  We can review or we can put into a place a new performance review system.

Coaching and Mentoring – We can provide you with ad-hoc coaching or a more detailed mentoring program for your managers and employees.

Tribunal Preparation - Very time consuming, we can support you through this difficult process.

Settlement Agreements – We have vast experience in preparing and advising on settlement agreements, and can manage this or support you through managing this.

PLAN - The importance of HR planning is essential, particularly in situations of managing change, as not getting it right can be costly.  Including Advise HR in those initial planning discussions, ensures that all of the necessary HR considerations can be part of your planning.

TUPE – We will provide you with advice and support to ensure you meet your responsibilities.

Mergers & Acquisition We can work with your due diligence team, and/or provide the right advice to prepare you for a merger or acquisition, or support you following an acquisition or merger.

RestructuringSometimes a restructure of your business is the right and necessary thing to do.  We can help you deal with the employee consultations and discussions.

Redundancies – Never an easy decision for a business to make, but on occasions the right action.  We can plan and support you throughout, or work with your current team to offer an extra pair of hands, advice and ensure a smooth process.

RecruitmentNot keeping employees?  It might be as simple as reviewing how you recruit, ensuring you are attracting the right people.

Pay and Benefits – Ensuring you have the right structure for pay and benefits retains your existing employees, and attracts the right people to your business.